Our mission is to change the world with a cup of coffee and a smile. Build relationships with good coffee, conversation, and a smile!

Our Process

At Dazed and Roasted coffee, owner Stephanie O'Neil shops the world over for the freshest and most flavorful coffee beans to home roast and to freshly grind for your pleasure. We hope that you enjoy every cup as much as we do! 

Did you know that coffee beans are green before they are roasted?

Did you know that coffee is all natural and has no additives? 

The Home Roasting Process of Dazed and Roasted Coffee: Stephanie O'Neil, owner of Dazed and Roasted Coffee, imports fresh and green coffee beans of particular tasting notes to her home. In her kitchen, she uses an air popper to roast the beans. She then allows the beans to go through a cooling process and allows them to de-gas. Once that has been accomplished, she grinds the coffee and packages it for ultimate freshness and taste! She roasts, grinds, and packages when you order! You cannot get any fresher or more flavorful coffee from a friendlier home roaster. 

Dazed and Roasted Coffee selects the best beans to roast in our home from the following continents and countries:

Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda

Asia: Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Philippines

North America: Mexico, Costa Rico, Guatemala, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, El Salvador

South America: Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia

Each country has various regions which produce particular tasting notes in the beans they grow. Within the description of each of our bags of coffee are the tasting notes from the region which grew the beans for our Dazed and Roasted Coffee. This will help you to experiment with different coffees from all around the world and find a new favorite or enjoy one you already have. 


It is Dazed and Roasted Coffee's pleasure to bring you great tasting, home roasted, hand crafted, freshly ground coffee.