Our mission is to change the world with a cup of coffee and a smile. Build relationships with good coffee, conversation, and a smile!

Dazed and Roasted Coffee

Single bean, home roasted coffee for your enjoyment.

Chosen weekly from around the world.

We freshly roast single bean batches for a ground coffee that matches your taste and gives you that perfect cup.

Find your favorite, today!

Dazed and Roasted Coffee: "Beans Are Here!"

It all starts with the freshest beans chosen weekly from various regions of the world. Each region produces coffee beans with unique flavor profiles and tasting notes. You can find a new favorite coffee with Dazed and Roasted Coffee and never run out of variety.

Dazed and Roasted Coffee at the Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Festival

We love going to different venues to meet our customers and just look at this view! Definitely a fun experience!

Dazed and Roasted Coffee's Owner, Stephanie O'Neil

Stephanie enjoys choosing fresh coffee beans from all over the world, freshly roasting them, and selling them directly to her valued customers.

Dazed and Roasted Coffee on Location

We are often at local Farmer's Markets. Here we are at Ross Bridge Farmer's Market in Alabama. Check out our calendar for upcoming locations. We love to meet our customers face to face, as well!